Proton Products’ offers its expertise in non-contact, laser speed and length measurement to the converting industries in the form of its InteliSENS® SL (unidirectional) and SLR (bidirectional) series speed and length gauges.

Proton Products’ InteliSENS® SL and SLR speed and length gauges are currently in-use in applications involving woven and non-woven materials such as textiles, webbing, paper, plastic films, tapes, building materials, floorings and labelling.

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Speed & Length Measurement

Non-contact measurement of production line speed and product length.

  • Line speed control.
  • Speed synchronization in lamination applications.
  • Product or reel length measurement.
  • Control of cutters or inkjet printers.
  • Non-contact, slip-free and low maintenance replacement for contact wheel / roller systems.