InteliSENS® DG Series Diameter Gauge

InteliSENS® DG Series 2-axis Diameter Gauges (DG2030, DG2060 and DG2130) - front view
InteliSENS® DG1030 1-axis Diameter Gauge - front view (with Optional DGi Interface Display Unit)
InteliSENS® DG2030 2-axis Diameter Gauge - front view (with Optional DGi Interface Display Unit)
InteliSENS® DG2060 2-axis Diameter Gauge - front view (with Optional DGi Interface Display Unit)
InteliSENS® DG2130 2-axis Diameter Gauge - front view



  • Non-contact, scanning laser beam diameter measurement.
  • 1 or 2 axis models available in 30, 60 or 130mm maximum diameters.
  • 600 scans per second per axis.
  • Measures wire, cable and cylindrical object diameters (both opaque and transparent such as glass rod) and envelope diameter for braided or helically-stranded cables.
  • Single Scan Flaw Detection (SSFD) for detection of insulation lump and neck flaws.
  • Compact and robust industrial design for use in harsh factory environments (IP65 / NEMA4 protection).
  • Integrates seamlessly via CANbus with Proton Products NEXiSTM CS Series Controllers for diameter driven control of the insulation extrusion process.

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InteliSENS® DG Series Diameter Gauge


Proton Products InteliSENS® DG Series laser scanning diameter gauges provide accurate and repeatable measurements for products manufactured within critical tolerance limits.

Robust industrial design and use of advanced digital signal processing electronics make InteliSENS® DG Series gauges extremely reliable and easy to integrate into production control systems.

Each InteliSENS® DG gauge head features RS232 and CANbus as standard; PROFIBUS, Ethernet/IP or DeviceNET industrial communications interfaces may also be provided as an option integrated within the DG gauge.

Analogue or relay contact outputs may also be provided as an option integrated within the DG gauge or as standard on NEXiS® CS Series Controllers connected to the DG gauge (please click here to see the NEXiS® CS Series of Controllers). The NEXiS® CS series Controllers provide cost effective and accurate diameter control for manufacturers of wire, cable, tubing, piping and many other continuously extruded materials.

Operating Principle

Proton Products InteliSENS® DG series diameter gauges rapidly scan a laser beam across the object under measurement. The laser beam is focused by a receiving lens onto a photodiode and the electrical signal digitally processed by a Proton-designed FPGA processor. The time duration for which the object obscures the laser beam is directly proportional to the object diameter.



ModelDG2006DG1030DG2030DG1060DG2060DG1130 MKIIDG2100 MKIIUnits
Gate size3060130110mm
Minimum diameter0.
Maximum diameter6.52757120100mm
Accuracy±(1µm + 0.008% of object diameter)±(1.5µm + 0.008% of object diameter)±(3µm + 0.008% of object diameter)-
Measurement rate per axis600scan/s
Operating temperature545°C
Relative humidity (at 38°C / 105°F)90%
Environmental protectionIP65-
Power supply1830VDC
Power consumption30W
Measurement units (end-user configurable)mminch
Standard communicationsCANbusRS-232
Optional in-gauge interfaces (factory-installed, choice of one)PROFIBUSEthernet/IPDeviceNET
Analogue outputsRelay contact outputs