InteliTHERMTM HTG400 Handheld Temperature Gauge
InteliTHERMTM HTG400 Handheld Temperature Gauge with wheel protector
InteliTHERMTM HTG400 Handheld Temperature Gauge in use on a production line



  • High accuracy (±2°c + 0.2%*).
  • Instant temperature reading.
  • Unaffected by material types or emissivity.
  • Fully portable handheld unit.
  • Long life rechargeable li-ion battery.
  • User-friendly simple operation.

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The InteliTHERMTM HTG400 is a compact handheld wire temperature measuring device that is suitable for use on all bare wire types. It has a special bimetallic wheel construction and integrated electronics. This enables high precision (+/- 2°C + 0.2%*) temperature measurement up to 400°C (752°F). The InteliTHERMTM HTG400 is extremely easy to use. Switching between °C and °F is achieved with a single push of the °C/°F units button. The device is fully portable with an integrated rechargeable battery. Temperature is displayed on an easy to read built in LCD display.


SpecificationInteliTHERMTM HTG400
Temperature measurement rangeAmbient temperature to +400°C (752F)
Accuracy±2°C + 0.2%*
Bare wire diameter range0.3mm - 10mm (0.0118 Inch - 0.393 Inch)
Max line speed2000m/min (Higher speeds available on request)
DisplayLCD with LED back light
Battery type18650 Li-ion
Battery capacity3000mAh (>1000 measurements)
Charging interfaceUSB-C
Charging time from empty~8 hours
Charging voltage4.7V~5.2V
Charging current≥ 500mA
Ambient operating temperature+5 ~ +40°C
Storage temperature0 ~ +45°C

*Assuming InteliTHERMTM HTG400 is operating at ambient temperature